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More approvals. Less Risk. Instant Decisions.

We would definitely recommend Evispot. From our very first interaction to onboarding, it’s always been a great experience. It’s an excellent credit decision platform and I’m glad we chose Evispot.

Erik Finné, CIO Ativo Finans AB

Unleash the power of your data

With Evispot you unleash the power of your data to become truly data driven. Evispot is the first easy-to-use AI platform allowing you to develop explainable and production-ready AI models customized for the financial industry.

No blackbox

All models developed in the Evispot platform are 100% understandable and explainable.

Be smarter than your competition

Our customers see 10% added loan volumes without added risk after starting to use our platform.

Short time to market

Our customers, with no previous experience with AI, deploy their first models within weeks.

Identify bias

Make sure that all decisions are fair and ethical by pinpointing unintentional bias in the collected data and developed model.

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The new standard for credit decisions

Evispot powers financial service companies and helps them redefine how they work with credit decisions allowing them to win more customers. With more accurate assessments and automated decision making, they can increase their revenue without added risk.



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Investors & Partners


Backed by industry leaders

Evispot was founded at Chalmers University of Technology by entrepreneurs with 10+ years experience from the Swedish credit scoring industry. Since inception Evispot has been backed by industry experts and former entrepreneurs in the field. Evispot’s investors include bank founders, European bank executive and fintech entrepreneurs among others.

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Machine learning in credit decisions

Leveraging machine learning for smarter lending and obtain insights into the technology behind 100% transparent machine learning models.

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