Use Cases

The Evispot platform is used for a variety of business challenges by our customers. 

Credit Scoring

Understand your customers –  even those with limited data such as young people or new graduates. AI enables you to more accurately predict risk in these groups for smarter credit decisions.

Churn Prediction

AI understands complex data and customer behaviour over time allowing you to identify if and why your customers may leave so you can proactively take action.

Portfolio Analysis

Predict your loan portfolio’s future performance. Upload large amounts of historical data and let the AI-models find patterns and insights between customers and product categories.

Collection Scoring

Ensure efficient debt handling processes by letting the AI-model understand trends related to products or services in your debts.

Solve your challenge with AI

In financial services the competition is intense with firms looking for every advantage possible. Companies that are making extensive use of AI are reaping the benefits of expanded portfolios, reduced losses, optimized pricing, and greater automation across the whole organisation.

Evispot powers financial players that completely redefine how they work and how they transform customer experiences.

Gain More Insights

In the following whitepaper we explain how you can leverage AI to become more data driven and make smarter financial decisions.

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Machine learning in credit decisions

Leveraging machine learning for smarter lending and obtain insights into the technology behind 100% transparent machine learning models.

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