Introducing the Evispot AI platform

Bringing you explainable AI models ready for production

The platform allows you to get more out of your data and harness the world’s collective intelligence bringing you powerful insights and accurate models.

Developed by and designed for
the financial industry

  • Upload your historical data and let the software automatically give you valuable insights

  • Boost your raw data with new data sources using our data enrichment engine, enabling more informed decisions and increased model accuracy

  • Automated feature engineering eliminating manual processes while enabling maximum data insights

  • Build more powerful models, faster

  • Find the best possible model for your data and business challenge by automated tests

  • Avoid time consuming manual processes

  • Research approved explainability

  • Understand all models and how each decision is made, for real

  • Identify and remove unintentional bias to ensure all models are fair and ethical

  • Evaluate and secure the model’s performance

  • Include all costs and revenues, and put the right price on your risk

  • Streamline communication between colleagues and teams

Learn how AI can take your organisation to the next level

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Machine learning in credit decisions

Leveraging machine learning for smarter lending and obtain insights into the technology behind 100% transparent machine learning models.

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