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Ensuring an explainable,
accurate & fair future

What we
believe in

We are certain that AI will be a main component in how we take decisions in the future. At Evispot we make sure that our customers are the best-in-business at decision making by providing them with an easy-to-use platform allowing them to develop explainable and accurate AI models. 

Our customers use our machine learning platform to better assess decisions on loan portfolios, mitigate risk, improve fairness and reduce racism and bias in the lending industry.

Work with us

At Evispot we value a caring and equal working environment where you can be yourself and have the possibility to grow.  We are and develop world-class talents, trusting each other’s knowledge and experience. It is our core belief that autonomy and collaboration are more important than hierarchy. Therefore, we constantly work with common team-goals, where we together find strategic solutions to build the best possible product to help our customers.

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Nominated Best Fintech Startups


Evispot is features as one of 500 AI startups in the European AI Startup Landscape.

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Machine learning in credit decisions

Leveraging machine learning for smarter lending and obtain insights into the technology behind 100% transparent machine learning models.

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